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Xcarecrows 4 WS - Manage Apache Tomcat and Apache Axis at a glance

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Set up and run Xcarecrows 4 WS to manage Apache Tomcat and Apache Axis2 in a few clicks.

  • Install and configure Apache Tomcat and Apache Axis2. SSL ready !
  • Start, stop and restart Apache Tomcat servers
  • Configure as many Apache Tomcat as needed. No limitation.
  • Manage Web Applications
  • Manage Tomcat users
  • Deploy and undeploy Web Services
  • Download new Web Applications
  • Download new Web Services
  • Apache Tomcat version 6.0.13 ready
  • Apache Axis2 version 1.2 ready

User interaction

With Xcarecrows 4 WS you enjoy the flexibility of graphical guidance for the Apache Tomcat and Apache Axis server deployment and operations. Thanks to the effective GUI, you save time instead of browsing through endless manual pages to figure a few arcane commands. The GUI provides the essential set of actions to work efficiently. Install, start, stop and restart Apache Tomcat, set Apache SSL, manage users and Web applications, deploy or undeploy Web Services with Xcarecrows 4 WS in a few clicks.


Xcarecrows 4 WS supports Apache Tomcat version 6.0.13 and Apache Axis 2 1.2. Xcarecrows 4 WS installs Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis, Web applications and Web Services. Xcarecrows 4 WS includes a web browser to search and download new Web applications.


Xcarecrows 4 WS is licensed under the open source Apache License version 2. Download the free executables for:

Download the source code.


Xcarecrows 4 WS uses :

  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache Axis
  • Eclipse Rich Client Platform

Portfolio for the Xcarecrows line


Cogenit can provide any assistance to implement solutions using those plugins.


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Product brief

A PDF version is available here.


Eclipse is a registered trademark of the Eclipse Foundation.

Apache Tomcat and Apache Axis are registered trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.

IBM, IBM System p and IBM System x are registered trademarks of IBM

Xcarecrows is a registered trademark of Cogenit.


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Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 February 2008 )
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