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Specify, design and qualify systems with Xcarecrows 4 SMV


Xcarecrows 4 SMV provides an integrated toolset to help you specify, design and qualify your application. It is a fully integrated framework that helps you link your requirements to automated tests by using standard UML models or specific meta models.

Xcarecrows 4 SMV is a Model Based Testing approach to simplify the platform independent as well as the platform specific automatic test creation with our unique use of the UML Testing Profile to create hierarchical and easily reusable automated tests. It also helps the qualification process by ensuring that every requirements have been tested on the desired application.

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Detailed description

Xcarecrows 4 SMV helps qualify applications :

  • by linking a UML model with requirements to ensure that all the project's needs are being tested;
  • by creating requirement artifacts directly from your UML model and trace them to visualize any changes;
  • by creating a complete testing platform from the UML model that can be used to test any type of applications;
  • with IBM Rational (http://www.ibm.com) tools such as Rational RequisitePro, Rational Software Architect, Rational Functional Tester and the IBM Jazz platform.

With Xcarecrows 4 SMV features, you can :

  • 2 way synchronisation between a model and requirements;
  • Specific test profiles;
  • Automatic transformation of a model into executable functional tests;
  • Complete project traceability;
  • Automatic model testing;
  • Advanced traceability matrix features;
  • Fully adaptable tool to any development process.

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Return on investment

Right from the needs definition and before investing, Xcarecrows 4 SMV catches the application inconsistencies and identifies the dark spots of a project thanks to a complete test definition and a full traceability from business needs to functional tests. Thus reducing the number of potential errors in a system before investing in the project full development and saving time and money.

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User interaction

With its UML Testing Profil, Xcarecrows 4 SMV helps the user to design and test models and applications. The user designs with Rational Software Architect by IBM (http://www.ibm.com). from use cases diagrams through code execution process and tests with Rational Functional Tester and our Mutliplicity feature that helps create functional tests directly from a model.

The Xcarecrows 4 SMV editor built on top of the Eclipse IDE provides the user with a familiar, tree structured view of his UML document. Supported by a built-in graphical editor, it handles the core editing functions made available to the user. To improve efficiency, Xcarecrows 4 SMV can be adapted with specific UML profiles that helps users with their design and their testing.

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Xcarecrows 4 SMV is a complete validation tool that checks the validity of model and applications with functional tests traced to stakeholders needs.

The user refines his application with new features or with finer grained behaviours. The built-in test tool checks that each element has been visited at least once.

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Implementation and Integration

Xcarecrows 4 SMV is integrated with the IBM Rational tools to offer our customer complete requirement, design and testing tools.

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Open source

Xcarecrows 4 SMV is available under the Open Source GPL v3.

Download Xcarecrows 4 SMV with the Eclipse p2 Installation Manager for registered users

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Related standards

Xcarecrows 4 SMV uses the standards below:

  • Unified Modeling Language 2.2
  • XML Metadata Interchange 2.0
  • Reusable Asset Specification
  • UML Testing Profile 1.0

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Portfolio of the Xcarecrows productline

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Product brief

A PDF version is available here.


Cogenit can provide any assistance to implement solutions using those plugins. Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll do our best to meet your expectations.

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Rational RequisitePro, Rational Software Architect, Rational Functional Tester and Jazz are registered trademarks of IBM.

Xcarecrows is a registered trademark of Cogenit.

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Send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it if you need more information or a custom service.

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