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Xcarecrows 4 X509 - Certification at a glance

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The latest release of the popular Xcarecrows 4 X509 application is available off the shelf for an improved experience of X.509v3 cryptography with the powerful Rich Client Platform (RCP) of Eclipse. Available in a convenient click'n'install package, Xcarecrows 4 X509 offers:

  • decoding and encoding of X.509v3 certificates, revocation lists and certificate requests
  • graphical, tree structured edition and comparison of X.509v3 messages
  • bidirectional X.509v3 to XML translator
  • creation and management of public and private keys
  • edition and signature of certificate signature requests
  • signature of certificates

Competitive advantage

An operator masters quickly all the functions including analysis, learning certificate generation and related data whereas other tools require programming or using a control line utilitarian language. Certificate management and publishing provide an open and declarative interface for cryptographic functions. The application development is based on proven transformation libraries and pure Java functions. The operator can reduce his learning effort of the X.509v3 norm and of its implementation. ASN.1 being integrated into Xcarecrows 4 X509, the operator can ignore it. The graphical interface makes easy checking, signing, and self-editing, quicker and with an improved reliability. This technology is stable, mature, compatible and interoperable with the other market solutions.

Business problem

The classical applications and libraries based on low level programming languages generate errors due to tedious adjustments. The interface provides analysis and programming code, environment which are more systematic and more robust, limiting as so the number of errors on code finesses. Confronted with problems, the efficiency is in reducing the number of false possibilities to investigate.

Business opportunity

Reaching a place, an information or a file, a level of confidence is under the control of numerical or electronical keys. It is a matter of trust, authenticity and risk control, fraud, data security, integrity or repudiation. Xcarecrows 4 X509 generates and edits those X509v3 standard key and key holders (PKCS#8) meeting IETF cryptographic standards for PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

PKI consist in system and application softwares, human controls, national bodies for certification and manage the certificate complete life cycle. Small or big size, public or private users and their supports organisations rely on such an infrastructure for tens up to millions of users and equipments recordings, keys/certificates. Those services are:

  • generation, publication, storage and retrieval of certificates
  • renewal and repudiation of certificates
  • all the related operations for managing certificates

Xcarecrows 4 X509 edits and analyzes certificates, certificates requests, lists of revocation, public and private keys in both XER and ASN.1 formats. ASN.1 is translated graphically and differences in structured trees are visually outlined to spot errors. This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it can provide any assistance to the implementation and the management of Xcarecrows 4 X509 all along the life of the system.

Return on investment

  • Saving learning time of text and norms.
  • Limiting the number of errors.
  • Covering the life cycle of the key
  • Suitable for the diversity of the standards and the applications.

User interaction

Xcarecrows 4 X509 unleashes the flexibility of graphical edition for the elaborated data structures of public key cryptography. Instead of wasting time on arcane tools and subtleties of data formats, the combination of Cogenit's tools with the Rich Client Platform allows the user to handle certificates, keys and the related objects in an efficient way. Effective wizards guide through the processes of key and certificate management, thus turning the desktop into an advanced certification factory.


Xcarecrows 4 X509 performs a strong type checking of cryptographic messages as described by their ASN.1 specification. During the edition of new structures, the user is prompted with context-specific menus which help his choices and save him from tedious syntax errors. While the user can still generate customized messages for special purposes as tests, the built-in cryptographic functions of Xcarecrows 4 X509 warrant the semantic correctness.


The capacity of Xcarecrows 4 X509 to bridge X.509v3 elements and XML documents permits a seamless integration of the public key infrastructure (PKI) with external applications. Xcarecrows 4 X509 works with X.509v3 as well as with XML documents which are to be used through the usual XML tools and libraries. Finally, Xcarecrows 4 X509 includes the core building blocks of a typical certificate authority and can thus be plugged in almost any place of the PKI.


Xcarecrows 4 X509 leverages the versatility of XML and ASN.1 through a coherent set of tools. XML Schema constraints the XML documents for a strong type checking of the messages. Fruit of Cogenit's work, the ASN.1 compiler is accountable for the bidirectional translation of X.509v3 messages between ASN.1 DER and XML. Feel free to send your questions related to the ASN.1 compiler itself by This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .


Fully featured versions are available on-line. Download the Windows installer or one of the Linux packages:

Evaluation keys are available for free from the shop to registered users.


Xcarecrows 4 X509 conforms to the standards below:

  • RFC 3280
  • RFC 4211
  • PKCS#8 (Private-Key Information)
  • PKCS#10 (Certification Request)

Portfolio for the Xcarecrows line


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Product brief

A PDF version is available here.


Cogenit can provide any assistance to implement solutions using those plugins.


Eclipse is a registered trademark of the Eclipse Foundation.

Xcarecrows is a registered trademark of Cogenit.


Send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it if you need more information or a custom service.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 February 2008 )
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